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Today at A Sponsored Life

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Today I’m sponsoring A Sponsored Life.

Here’s what the website says:

A Sponsored Life is a year long social experiment that will explore the possibilities of a life lived through social media. It will allow me to further explore the world of social media and the ‘influencer’. It should be a great experiment for brands, marketers, PR people and advertisers! During development of the idea, I recognized the opportunity to also do some social good with the idea – thus the idea of sponsoring children around the world through I also realized that if this was incredibly successful, it might leave me with a glut of products, so I thought it would also be a good opportunity to be able to donate items at the end of experiment to Toy Mountain, the Daily Bread Food Bank and the Red Door Shelter.

Go check Zach out – it’s a nifty site and a great idea.

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