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State of the Books – February 2013

Not nearly as messy as it was earlier today

My desk, not nearly as messy as it was earlier today

I have been a busy woman lately and I’ve had no time to come over to the blog and let you know what’s up.

I’ve been busy editing book 2. Somehow I had a chapter with no action and no conflict – this is very bad, but it’s fixed now. I’m getting edited chapters to my lovely and talented beta reader, Deb, as quickly as I can. Did I tell you it has a tentative name? The Invisible War. There is already a book with that name (Invisible War, The: What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare) but I don’t think our books will get confused. It’s got a few more drafts to go before it’s ready for publication. I expect it to be out at the end of April or the beginning of May.

I’m still around the halfway point with Book 3. Editing is my main focus and some days it’s just not even worth it to try to write new fiction since my brain is fried. I plan to get back to writing new fiction just as soon as I’m done with this round of edits.

And speaking of new fiction, have you signed up for my mailing list? Every month all my mailing list peeps (I like to think of you as happy yellow marshmallow chicks) get to read a new short story by yours truly before anyone else does. I will collect them at the end of the year and publish them, but at that point you’d have to pay for them and really, why pay for what you can have for free? See the box labeled “New Release Mailing List” over on the right? Fill it out and you’ll be set for one short story a month for all of 2013 from me.

I guess that’s all the news from around here. I know it’s only Thursday night, but have a great weekend everyone!


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