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Gone Girl, A Book I Love



When a narcissist marries a sociopath, what could possibly go wrong?

Gillian Flynn paints a fascinating portrait of Nick and Amy Dunne’s dysfunctional marriage as they move from being wealthy New York writers to not-quite-broke Midwesterners. Chapters alternate between Nick’s and Amy’s side of the story and even though they are pitted against each other, you want them both to win.

The novel begin as a mystery – where is Amy Dunne? – but moves into a brilliantly unpredictable psychological thriller, a game where only one spouse can win.

I am not usually a fan of mimetic fiction, but this novel grabbed my brain and wouldn’t let it go until I had finished it. Several times over the past few days I’ve looked at my husband and said, “We are such a good couple,” because I’ve been grateful not to live in the smart, funny hell that is the Dunne’s marriage.

All I can say about the ending is that it will haunt me for a while.

So, if you’re looking for a good book to lose yourself in for a weekend, this is the one for you. You’ll never appreciate your spouse more.


  • Wonderful review. This is the kind of subject matter I love to read. In fact, my 2nd novel is along the same lines! Many thanks. I’m looking fwd to buying this book and reading it! xEvelin

  • This book has been on my reading list for awhile, I may have to move it up to the top so that I actually get to read it sometime this year. Thanks for sharing your review on it, you’ve made me look forward to reading it even more.

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