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2013 Resolutions


My New Year’s resolutions are done. I’m excited and empowered by them and that’s just how it should be.

Here are my goals, and some stretch goals as well.

1) Write a minimum of 3500 words a day. 3000 on the current novel and 500 on the current short story. Also, work in a few hundred on a blog post or an upcoming non-fiction book I’ll talk more about in the late Spring.  Stretch goal: uh, this is over a million words so I think this is the stretch goal.


2) Complete, edit and polish 12 short stories for my mailing list. Every month I will be sharing a short story with the people on the list – they will get to read them first and at a later date I will publish them in a collection for others to purchase. Sign up for the list over on the right hand column where it says “New Release Mailing List”. Stretch goal: write next year’s short stories as well.


3) Walk 25 miles a week on my treadmill. I’ve already started a five mile per day schedule and I read while I’m walking. Yesterday, I ate a slice of pizza while walking and reading. Part of me was proud of my awesome multi-tasking skill, but most of me thought I probably should have gone for the salad. Stretch goal: 30 miles a week.


4) Sell enough books to cover my mortgage. Is it crass to talk sales goals with the people who are going to buy my books? Probably. But my husband has been out of work for almost 18 months so I really need to start earning more money. Stretch goal: pay my utilities as well.


5) Take one day a week off. I tried to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, but I didn’t do so well. I’m going to ease into this by not working from Saturday at dinner through Sunday noon. Stretch goal: take the entire weekend off.


That should keep me plenty busy for the year, don’t you think?

How about you? What do you want to do in 2013? Let me know so I can cheer you on.

And don’t forget to check in tomorrow when I talk about how to take resolutions and turn them into achievable goals.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!


  • I manage 1000 words a day before the computer gives me a headache! A day off a week is good, but we would just end up tweeting and blogging, wouldn’t we? Best to you this year, Lisa!

  • 3500 words. That’s a good old chunk! For me, meditation and managing 1000 press ups in a day by the end of the year is a goal (and not getting laughed at too much on YouTube for it). Thanks for following me on Twitter. Best, Rob

  • @Mark – it’s true, my day off isn’t always a day off the computer, but it’s a day off from thinking about fiction and that’s a nice break.

    @Rob – 1000 press ups! Go for it!! I am in awe of that goal.

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