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Night 5 already

And it’s time for five things make a blog post.

1) I saw a great thing earlier today that fits in nicely with yesterday’s post. Start the year with an empty jar and every time something wonderful happens, write it down. Read all the slips of paper next New Year’s Eve.

2) Today I finished the first draft of Morrison Investigations Case 2, “The book without a good title”. Tomorrow I start work on Case 3. That’s right, no rest for the wicked, not even the extremely wicked.

3) I am sitting in my car, waiting for my youngest son to get out of Boy Scouts. I just heard a commercial on the radio for amateur night at a strip club. That’s what I get for not listening to NPR.

4) I got a great Hanukkah gift this afternoon from my friend Rona. It’s a small wall-hanging that says “Crazy just might work” – sounds like the motto for 2013.

5) I am taking the last week of December off. By this I mean I won’t be writing any fiction with the possible exception of a short story for my short story class. I plan to hang out on the couch, play games with the kids and knit something for myself. Possibly a browncoat.



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  • My big one is pre-pregnancy fitness. I had lost about 45 lbs here & there in 2008 & 2009. I felt great I felt the hleithaest I had felt in a long time, and I felt comfortable in my own skin. Then I gained it allllll back when I was pregnant. Some of it was because of complications & bedrest some of it was first time pregnancy stupidity & eating for 20 instead of 2 (and choosing potato chips & Reese’s pieces instead of healthier options). I’ve already lost about 10 lbs, and now that the holidays are over (well, almost) it’s time to focus! I joined a gym yesterday & went for the first time tonight. JoJo & MoMo’s upcoming nuptials (I felt so eck at Miah & Teresa’s wedding) & our trip to Hawaii next Sept (shorts, beachwear dear God, NO!!) are proving to be some good motivation!! Also, I want to take more pictures and my camera phone does not count[]

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