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7 Point Plotting for my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel

I’m many days late,  I’ve been trying to finish up an editing job before November. Here is the first take of my plot done up in the 7 point system.

I wrote them up in the order I listed in the previous post, but I’m typing them up here in the order they’ll come in the novel to make sure they make sense to me.

I don’t think I need an Ice Monster Prologue, but I haven’t decided which will be my first scene yet.


Main Ghost haunting plot

Protagonist: Kate

Antagonist: Ghost of Myra’s ancestor, who died in the building


Hook: The ghost is angry because Kate and Myra are arguing

Plot Turn 1: The ghost vandalizes Kate’s yarn shop

Pinch 1: Kate and her friend Esther spend the night in the yarn shop and they get distracted and miss the vandal.

Midpoint: Kate realizes it isn’t vandals, but it’s a ghost

Pinch 2: The ghost begins to act out even worse

Plot Turn 2: The ghost settles down when Ted comes into the shop

Resolution: The ghost is not exorcised, but is now at peace

Try/Fail 1: Hire a ghost hunter, but the ghost is too wily

Try/Fail 2:  Hold a séance, but the ghost is too angry to speak nicely to them.


Historical plot

Hook: Myra wants the house Kate lives and works in to be a museum honoring her family

Plot Turn 1: Myra and the former owner of the house had a verbal agreement, but it fell through when he died and left the house to his daughter, who sold it to Kate

Pinch 1: Myra charges into the store, argues with Kate

Midpoint: Myra hires a lawyer to sue Kate

Pinch 2: Lawyers are too expensive and Kate thinks she’ll have to sell and move so she doesn’t loose everything.

Plot Turn 2: The ghost chooses Kate over Myra

Resolution: Kate agrees to honor the dead

Try/Fail 1: Kate tries to hire a lawyer, but he won’t take her case because she can’t afford him.

Try/Fail 2: She tries to talk to the town council, but they won’t hear a personal problem like that.


Romance plot

Hook: Kate bumps into Ted at the donut shop and is a little flirty with her

Plot Turn 1: She invites him to her shop

Pinch 1: They argue in the parking lot

Midpoint: She realizes he’s Myra’s brother and asks him to help

Pinch 2: The ghost behaves when he’s in the yarn shop, because the two families are getting along

Plot Turn 2: He mediates the problem between Kate and Myra

Resolution: He asks her to lunch

Try/Fail 1: He says he can’t work with her against his sister


Not as much detail as I might like so far, but it’s a start and with November coming up soon it may be all that I have time for.




  • ooh, like it and like the way you’ve separated the threads into three plots like that . . . going to copy that idea!

  • Hey, thanks for following me on Twitter.

    More thanks for the outline above. I decided to do NaNoWriMo to break out of my 500 word-a-day rut. I hope this helps. I especially like how you include sub-plots.

  • Hi Kirsten and Kay – being able to easily plot out my subplots and consciously choose when to weave them into the story is my favorite part of this plotting method.

    Now, quit reading my comments and get back to your novels! 1667 or die! ;)

  • Great post! I so appreciate your taking the time to apply your own novel plot to the outline/structure. That really helps make it much more “visible” and easier to understand.

  • Wow! That sounds like a fun read! Intriguing complex AND funny! :) Thanks for the Twitter follow :)

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